The Elevator and Escalator Dashboard is a tool that provides availability data on the elevators and escalators that serve New York City Transit (NYCT) customers.

Measuring Elevator and Escalator Availability/Systemwide Performance:
Elevator and Escalator availability is defined as the amount of time that elevators or escalators are operational systemwide. Availability for a given time period is measured by determining the percentage of that time period a unit is available for customer use. All service outages, regardless of cause, count as downtime and calculated toward availability. Note: only units out of service for capital rehabilitation are excluded from availability calculations.

Most elevators and escalators in the subway are maintained by NYCT and are electronically monitored. Some elevators and escalators in the subway are owned and maintained by third parties.

Third Party Elevators: Elevators that lead to subway service but are managed and maintained by a party other than NYCT. These third parties are primarily real estate developers but also include other transit agencies, namely Long Island Rail Road and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

ADA Elevator: To be considered compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), an elevator must meet two conditions (1) the elevator must be part of a station complex that is otherwise fully ADA compliant and (2) the design must comply with ADA specifications to provide access for people with disabilities.

Non-ADA Elevator: An elevator that allows customers entry into a station, but is not part of a station that is otherwise fully ADA compliant. More specifically, these elevators provide one portion of an accessible route in a station, however other portions of the route in that given station are not accessible to customers with disabilities. For instance, some stations have elevator access from the street-to-mezzanine but not from the mezzanine to the platform.

Machine Number: A unique identifier used by NYCT to reference and track individual elevators and escalators. On elevators, these machine numbers are made visible to the customer. Elevator machine numbers begin with prefix “EL”, while numbers for escalators begin with prefix “ES”.

Scheduled Outages: An outage where an elevator or escalator is taken out of service for scheduled maintenance. Maintenance is required on every elevator and escalator to ensure safe and proper operation.

Non-Scheduled Outages: An unplanned, unexpected interruption of service.

Notes: The number of entrapments are included/embedded in the non-scheduled outages counts. The age of third-party elevators is not always known by NYCT. Therefore, the “Age (Yrs)” field is left blank for third-party elevators.